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Thanks for your order! A receipt will be available upon delivery.

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Delivery is currently available only to locations in this radius. Areas of Emeryville may not be within our reach at this time. We will notify you if you are not within our range.

List the items that you need (we will do our best to fulfill your order according to our supply). Be as specific as possible with items including size/weight, flavor, brand, etc. so that we are able to provide exactly what you need. Pay upon delivery. Delivery charges apply. (Minimum order of $50)

We understand how difficult and confusing of a time this is. Here at Bombay Spice House, it is our goal to make this time just a little bit easier for our customers. Therefore, we have introduced a new delivery option for you. It is still a work in progress, but we hope to make your life somewhat more practical.


Bombay Spice House

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